Effects of Contour Reverse-Slope Terrace on the Microecology of Rhizosphere in Different Farming Systems

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    [Objective] To study the effect of contour reverse-slope terrace (CRT) on micro-ecological characteristics of rhizosphere soil in maize continuous cropping and maize-kidney bean rotation system. [Methods] With corn bean wheel as the study object and corn bean joint as the control, the crop root exudates and soil microbial community composition and structural characteristics of were analysed by GC-MS and high-throughput sequencing technology by combining field in-situ monitoring and sampling with laboratory analysis. To study the effects of CRT on the species and content of root exudates and the composition and diversity of soil microbial community in maize continuous cropping and maize-kidney bean rotation. [Results] (1) The relative content change of root exudates was more prominent in CRT measures and more significant in crop rotation mode. (2) CRT2 treatment had a more significant effect on improving the quantity, richness and diversity of soil microbial community. (3) Under the interaction between root exudates and soil microorganisms, the pair-based correlation between root exudates, soil microorganisms, and soil environmental factors was more significant under CRT2 treatment. [Conclusion] CRT changed the root soil microecological environment of crops by changing the root secretion content of maize continuous cropping and maize-kidney bean rotation, and improved the number, diversity and richness of soil microorganisms. Moreover, the combination of this measure and corn-kidney bean rotation can improve the micro-ecology of root soil more significantly. The research results provide theoretical basis for crop planting, cultivation method selection, soil microenvironment improvement and soil erosion control.

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