Impact of Land-use Change on the Value of Ecosystem Services Based on SDG 15.3.1

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    [Objective] Sustainable Development Goal 15.3.1 (SDG 15.3.1) is one of the important indicators to characterize land degradation.Exploring the impact of land use change and ecosystem service values (ESVs) on SDG 15.3.1 is a key factor to improve land degradation. [Methods] Based on land use and carbon stock changes, a new evaluation rule was established for SDG15.3.1 index, and the completion of SDG 15.3.1 was evaluated. The equivalent factor method was used to calculate the value of ecosystem services to quantitatively analyse the impact of land use change on ESV. [Results] (1) The land use type change was frequent in the study area, which mainly showed that high forest land, water body and construction land increased, cultivated land, grassland and shrub decreased, and unused land remained basically unchanged; (2) The spatial distribution pattern of ESV was high in the middle, low arround, high in the west and low in the east; From 2000 to 2020, the total ESV loss was 7.32×108 yuan. From 2000 to 2010, the ESV loss of land degradation area was 3.03×109 yuan. From 2010 to 2020, the ESV loss in land degradation areas was 2.28×109 yuan. (3) According to the evaluation results of SDG15.3.1, the indicators of SDG15.3.1 for 2000—2010 and 2010—2020 are 5.22 percent and 4.77 percent, respectively, while the net land restoration area was -1.62×105 hm2 and -2.4×105 hm2. The SDG15.3.1 target had improved, but the zero land degradation growed target is still not achieved. [Conclusion] The research results provided a reference for the impact of land use change on ecosystem services in the process of achieving SDG 15.3.1 in plateau urban agglomerations.

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