Effects of Erosive Rainfall on Soil Erosion Characteristics of Black Sloping Farmland

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    [Objective] Rainfall is the driving force of hydraulic erosion in black soil sloping farmland. It is of great significance to study soil erosion characteristics under natural rainfall conditions for soil erosion control. [Methods] Based on 43 erosive rainfall events observed at different ridge-row runoff plots (3°, 5° and 7°) along the slope in Guangrong Small Watershed, Hailun City, Heilongjiang Province during 2021—2022, K-Mean clustering method was used to compare the characteristics of runoff and sediment transport under different rain patterns and slopes, and the influencing factors on runoff and sediment transport were discussed. [Results] The rainfall of short duration, heavy rain and light rainfall (rain type 3) is the main one, followed by the rainfall of medium duration, medium rain intensity and medium rainfall (rain type 2), and the rainfall of long duration, light rain intensity and heavy rainfall (rain type 1) rarely occurs. Under the same rain pattern, the cumulative runoff depth and sediment transport increased with the increase of slope. Under the same slope, different rainfall types have different responses to cumulative runoff depth. Overall, rainfall type 3 has the highest contribution (50.90%~57.90%), rainfall type 2 has the second contribution (37.60%~44.10%), and rainfall type 1 has the lowest. In the event of rain type 2, rainfall erosivity and slope have direct influence on runoff depth, and runoff depth and slope have direct influence on sediment transport. In the event of rain type 3, rainfall erosivity affects runoff depth and then sediment transport through direct and indirect effects. [Conclusion] For all rainfall-type events, rainfall erosivity and slope are the main controlling factors affecting the runoff depth, and the runoff depth and slope are the main controlling factors affecting the sediment transport.

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