Spatio-Temporal Response of Supply-Demand Balance of EcosystemServices based on Land Use Change in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River

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    [Objective] Taking the middle reaches of the Yangtze River as the research area and the period from 2000 to 2018 as the research period, this study aims to reveal the spatio-temporal characteristics of supply-demand balance of ecosystem service, and further to explore the dual effects of land use change on the supply-demand balance of ecosystem service and its influencing mechanism. [Methods] The methods of quantitative matrix of supply-demand of ecosystem service, and contribution rate of land use change were employed. [Results] (1) During the research period, the supply-demand balance of ecosystem services in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River is deteriorating, which is mainly caused by the large-scale expansion of construction land and the large-scale reduction of cultivated land and forest land, resulting in the decrease of ecosystem service supply capacity and the increase of consumption demand. (2) The relationship between ecosystem service supply has changed from trade-off to synergy in time scale, and the synergy between demand and supply-demand balance has been further enhanced in time scale, but the trade-off or synergy between supply, demand, and supply-demand balance is highly heterogeneous in spatial scale. (3) Land use change in the MRYR has dual effects on the supply-demand balance of ecosystem services, and the deterioration effect is significantly greater than the improvement effect, but the types of land use change that cause the improvement and deterioration of supply- demand of ecosystem services and their sub-services have temporal heterogeneity. [Conclusion] Clarifying the qualitative and quantitative relationship among supply and demand of ecosystem services, and land use change, which helps to achieve the improvement of ecological environment by by rationally regulating the transformation of land use types.

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